THE-EARTH.JP 2008/02/04 : Update : NEWS

2008/02/04 : Update : NEWS
Cafe del Mar By Gary B “Step into the Sunshine”

Cafe Der Mar 看板アーティスト
Gary Bのアルバム、“Step into the Sunshine”が、あのCafe Del Marからリリースされました。
詳細は、Cafe Del MarのHP、または、
Gary BオフィシャルMySpace Musicにて
Gary B Official :
Cafe Der Mar Music :
その他楽曲は、海外の、iTuneにて購入可能 > , iTune Store"Equilibrium"> , iTune Store "Essence">

Recently number one in iTunes electronic chart Spain
February 14 is the launch date of the debut album by Gary B ? Step into the Sunshine. Released by the Cafe del Mar label, famous for their chillout compilations, Gary B is one of the few solo artists signed exclusively to the company.
Songwriter/ producer Gary Butcher has contributed to many Caf? del Mar albums over the last 5 years, either under his own name, that of Luminous or collaborating with Danish dance producers, Miro. His musical history career started as a session guitarist for many artists including Robert Palmer. He went on to write and produce for Jimmy Summerville, Sonique, Definition of Sound, the Banderas and Miro.
Gary now lives and works from his studio in Ibiza and has his own unique take on the chill out genre, producing a soulful blend of well crafted songs using his own vocals or those of long time musical collaborator, Julie Harrington.
Tracks from the album can be heard on:

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